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08 February 2012 @ 08:36 pm
I was sitting on the bus this morning, on my way to class, and I noticed that someone was reading the exact same book that I had just finished a few days ago.

That someone was at most twelve years old, and the book he was reading was Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith.


That apparently, I have the same taste in novels as Junior High boys. It's probably a good thing that I didn't approach him and try to discuss the novel. I probably would have ended up ruining the ending.

Or getting arrested for soliciting attention from an underage boy...

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...Or is it?

Fun fact: Canadian men and women report significantly higher numbers of sexual partners than most Europeans and Americans, only being beat out by the Swiss and Austrians. Correlation between sex and winter, perhaps? Gotta keep warm somehow! :D

On an unrelated note, what is pornography's role in shaping desire?

Here there be much discussion of porn that may or may not be (mentally) stimulating. (In the pants.) Viewer discretion.Collapse )
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01 November 2011 @ 01:50 pm
Wow. It's hard coming back from being gone for so long. I just spent the last goodness knows how long writing an entry on all that I've been up to since my last entry, SF, Sasquatch, Montreal, camping trips, the death of my bitchy laptop and how much I hate my new swanky one, school, work, read it all over, decided it sucked, and wasn't that interesting and erased it all.

I don't even know how to get started anymore, and chasing past events are hard! Shit. Anyways.

I'm taking this gender course, and an observation was brought up in class today, one that I had never noticed before. When two heterosexual male friends go to the movies together, and it's not crowded they tend to leave one seat between them.

Now is it because of personal space reasons, that guys are socialized to take up more space, so they need to spread out, or is it an unconscious fear of being seen as being homosexual?

Hmmmm. I'm going to have to observe this for myself. I mean, do guys do this nowadays? I'm going to watch Paranormal Activities 3 tonight, so I guess I'll find out! But does it count, since it's a scary movie? Would friends, male, heterosexual or otherwise, be more inclined to sit next to each other during a scary movie? So do these results change depending on the genre of the movie?

My prof also brought up how men in a public washrooms, if not crowded, also tend not to use ones directly beside one another. But isn't that more of an issue of being polite, rather than the fear of being perceived as homosexual? I mean, you wouldn't want to crowd someone after all. Because I know that in a public washroom, I also don't go for a stall directly next to an occupied one. Or in my case, would that be an issue of shame/embarrassment?

Questions, questions!

I need to think.

Also, I'm obsessed with Young the Giant - Cough Syrup.
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15 May 2011 @ 11:10 pm
Yup. Going to San Fransisco tomorrow morning for a week, no big deal...


I wanna eat, I wanna see Golden Gate Bridge, I wanna eat, I wanna get down with the gays, I wanna eat, I wanna shop, I wanna eat...!

I heard the sushi's ridiculous! :DDDDDDDDDD

It's gonna be an awesome vacation! And the best thing is, I'll be home for a day when I'm set SF on fire, and then I'm road trippin' to SASQUATCH!!!!!


Really good line up this year. I haven't heard of half the bands, but I'm mainly going for the beer and cute indie boys!

Yay me!
14 April 2011 @ 04:00 pm
I really really need a new laptop.

I don't even know where to begin. Okay, so about 2 weeks ago, I was researching journal articles for a paper I had to write for class, I wasn't quite done, but I needed to sleep, so without shutting down, I just closed to lid of my laptop. No big deal. However, when I came back to finish my research, when I lifted the lid it went to the choose-user page, BUT THERE WERE NO ICONS!!! Whaaaaaaa....?

Fine Bitch, whatever! I'll just abuse you more and rip your battery out to restart you, that'll show you to mess with ME!

(And yes, before anyone mentions that that is NOT the appropriate way to restart a computer, even if your computer is a Evil Whore who decided to play hide-and-seek with your icons, I know. BUT! My power button stopped working years ago. Have I mentioned that I've had this asshole laptop since 2005? See, long-term commitments only bring PAIN, Mom!)

So of course my laptop rebelled and refused to start up normally. Brat. See, he's such an asshole tease, my laptop would start up over and over again, never actually getting anywhere, just going through the same twisted start-up loop indefinitely. What a jackass.

Of course I freak out. What about my paper!?! But luckily, I'm a total procrastinator, and I hadn't yet started writing my paper yet, so technically I didn't lose any work since I hadn't actually started yet. What? I still had a whole 12 hrs before it was due!

Anyway. I know nothing about computers and I'm extremely challenged when it comes to anything tech. I ended up posting to some laptop forum about my problem, and some random from Finland(?) suggested that I pick up an external hard drive enclosure so I can transfer the files on my laptop's hard drive to another one, then I can reset my laptop back to ground zero and/or trash it.

I'm totally going to trash this bitch, by the way, it's just a matter of when and how.

I just managed to get a hold of a pretty cheap enclosure yesterday, FINALLY, and I then preformed surgery on my laptop to extract the hard drive, put it in the enclosure, then plugged it into another computer to transfer my files, which took HOURS, I have so much crap. I couldn't even get it all, because some of my stuff is password protected and for some random reason (most likely that all things tech decided to band together and FUCK with me, I'm sure.) even though I changed the security level, I still couldn't get to it all. I don't get it.

So when I finally managed to finish it all, I popped my hard drive back into my laptop, not expecting too much, and turned it on. It went through all the motions as usual, took forever, but then it did something weird, removed a bunch a files and started normally!

What the fuck!?!

All I did was remove the hard drive and put it back in! That's all I had to do? That's all I had to DO?!? I didn't have a working laptop for TWO WEEKS, and that's all I had to DO!?! ARGH!

This is why my laptop has to die. He keeps screwing with me. Oh yeah, even though my comp's back on and pretty much all of my files are still here, guess which ones peaced out?

The ones that I couldn't manage to transfer successfully. Of course.

Damn you Evil Laptop. Damn you.
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04 March 2011 @ 07:38 pm
I was recently watching Two Weeks Notice, and now I find myself thinking a little too hard. Not so much about the movie, because really, since when does anything with Hugh Grant in it require high brain function? But about the attractiveness of his accent, or accents in general.

How does a normally unremarkable man's hotness, soar 50 points just because he has an interesting accent?

Not that Hugh Grant's unremarkable. But still. It reminds me of this one time a few years ago, I was at a bar with a girlfriend, when we were approached by this short, skinny, homely looking blond guy with crooked teeth. He dropped a few lame pick-up lines that we couldn't really hear over the music, we rolled our eyes and told him to get lost. But before he left, he leaned in so we could hear him better, to say that he was from Australia and that his name was Joey, like a baby kangaroo, and that's all she wrote. We squealed, declared him cute as a button, and deemed him worthy of our presence.

What is it with certain accents, I'll never understand. But I already know that I'm a total sucker, alongside with many other English speaking North American women, for some foreign accents, but what about non-English speakers, what do they think?

Thinking back to the few times I've been abroad, and when I relating stories of cute foreign boys back to my girlfriends, it's always, cute British/Australian accent this, sexy French/Italian/German accent that, and so on and so forth. I have to wonder, what do I sound like to them?

I mean, here they are (for the most part) attempting to speak a foreign language - English, and they sound DAMN fine! Would the reverse be the same? I guess what I'm trying to ask is, when North American (because I can't imagine the British ever sounding lame) English speakers attempt to speak another language, let's say something European, do we sound as endearing as they sound to us, or do we sound like total dorks?

Another seriously cute accent is Japanese. Japanese people are so freakin' adorable when they attempt English, and I have to wonder, did I completely butcher the language in a gruesome way when I was in Japan, or did I stutter through all sweet-like?

Bottom line: do I have a sexy accent?

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24 February 2011 @ 02:10 am
It just hit me just how absurdly obsessive I am over the weirdest things.

I just randomly read the words "forehead wrinkling a little in thought" in a story, and the first thing I think is, OMG STOP! if you're not careful it'll turn into a habit, then you'll get a frown-line between your brows, not to mention all the other fine lines and wrinkles you'll get on your forehead from THINKING too much, and then you'll be screwed! SCREWED!!! *FREAKOUT*

I mean, you think it's not a big deal now, but you'll hate yourself in a few years!!! You'll see!

And then you'll have no choice but Botox. And though it's only like 7CAD per unit, it adds up, and rather than shelling out a few hundred dollars, you can just stop frowning, scowling, or moving your forehead in general NOW! Before it's too late!!!

You better stop smiling too. You know, just to be safe.


I'm disturbed, I know. Over a fictional character. In a book. This behaviour can't be healthy. I also do this when I'm watching something on tv or a movie. When there's too much brow movement, I wince (mentally of course!) and shake my head sadly over how this random person is SO not going to age well. And yes, I do this every single time, and this thought process only takes about 3.5 secs.

Now, excuse me while I go slather myself in anti-aging night cream, and entertain my delusions in peace. :D
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02 February 2011 @ 03:00 pm
So, completely random thought.

Where are all the Asians at in Harry Potter? Is there a special school in Japan, Singapore, or maybe India? And what about everywhere else? Is there a smaller instance of magical blood in non-European bloodlines?

I don't know what I was thinking about, or how this thought even came to mind, because I haven't thought about Harry Potter in forever, but does the majority of the wizarding(?) community only consist of the UK, France and Russia? (For the 3 school that did that competition thing in book whatever, where they did that thing with the cup. Did I get that completely wrong? ^_^)

Mind you, it's been years (and years and years) since I'd read any of the books, and I haven't even touched the last book, so I might of forgotten if anyone mentioned wizardry(?) academies elsewhere in the world.

Ack! I don't even know the terminology!

Will the Harry Potter nerds please stand up!

I'll have to ask around, I'm super curious. It's too bad I don't have the inclination to tackle the series again!
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02 January 2011 @ 07:07 pm

I'm so disorganized! Eff my life!

My past year has been so shit because I'm lazy and unmotivated, that I'm trying to give myself a reward at the end of the rainbow, in a attempt to bribe myself into actually completing my goals these next couple of months. Like, I get to buy myself new boots, but only if I remember to update my resume. Or in this case it was supposed to be a trip to where ever this summer, if I ever get around to doing whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing.

But I can't remember what shady, sketchy, CHEAP airline I used last time around! I'm trying to get an idea of how much money I'd have to put aside for this venture, and I don't know what site I used. And so what if that airline is unreliable, inconvenient and likely to go crash and burn? I'm poor! I can't afford flights from legitimate, safety-inspected, better know airlines.

29 December 2010 @ 07:12 pm
Valiant (The Modern Faerie Tales, #2)Valiant by Holly Black

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