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24 February 2011 @ 02:10 am
It just hit me just how absurdly obsessive I am over the weirdest things.

I just randomly read the words "forehead wrinkling a little in thought" in a story, and the first thing I think is, OMG STOP! if you're not careful it'll turn into a habit, then you'll get a frown-line between your brows, not to mention all the other fine lines and wrinkles you'll get on your forehead from THINKING too much, and then you'll be screwed! SCREWED!!! *FREAKOUT*

I mean, you think it's not a big deal now, but you'll hate yourself in a few years!!! You'll see!

And then you'll have no choice but Botox. And though it's only like 7CAD per unit, it adds up, and rather than shelling out a few hundred dollars, you can just stop frowning, scowling, or moving your forehead in general NOW! Before it's too late!!!

You better stop smiling too. You know, just to be safe.


I'm disturbed, I know. Over a fictional character. In a book. This behaviour can't be healthy. I also do this when I'm watching something on tv or a movie. When there's too much brow movement, I wince (mentally of course!) and shake my head sadly over how this random person is SO not going to age well. And yes, I do this every single time, and this thought process only takes about 3.5 secs.

Now, excuse me while I go slather myself in anti-aging night cream, and entertain my delusions in peace. :D
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sevenswells: Keep calm and fake a british accentsevenswells on February 24th, 2011 10:32 am (UTC)
Darling, I'm sorry, it must be tragic for you, but your post made me cry with laughter (especially the "DON'T MOVE YOUR FACE EVER" XDDD) -- I *love* the way you write. I missed you! Write more!
mattiezumimattiezumi on February 26th, 2011 11:49 pm (UTC)
I don't how this happened, but somehow I've turned managed to turn into a complete fruitcake over wrinkles! Seriously, it stresses me out every time I witness somebody scrunch their brows.

It is a very sad, tragic, nearly debilitating affliction. But I'm dealing with it. One day at a time.


Haha! It still surprises me every time, that people actually read the crap I write!