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14 April 2011 @ 04:00 pm
Holy Shit. Holy Fuck!  
I really really need a new laptop.

I don't even know where to begin. Okay, so about 2 weeks ago, I was researching journal articles for a paper I had to write for class, I wasn't quite done, but I needed to sleep, so without shutting down, I just closed to lid of my laptop. No big deal. However, when I came back to finish my research, when I lifted the lid it went to the choose-user page, BUT THERE WERE NO ICONS!!! Whaaaaaaa....?

Fine Bitch, whatever! I'll just abuse you more and rip your battery out to restart you, that'll show you to mess with ME!

(And yes, before anyone mentions that that is NOT the appropriate way to restart a computer, even if your computer is a Evil Whore who decided to play hide-and-seek with your icons, I know. BUT! My power button stopped working years ago. Have I mentioned that I've had this asshole laptop since 2005? See, long-term commitments only bring PAIN, Mom!)

So of course my laptop rebelled and refused to start up normally. Brat. See, he's such an asshole tease, my laptop would start up over and over again, never actually getting anywhere, just going through the same twisted start-up loop indefinitely. What a jackass.

Of course I freak out. What about my paper!?! But luckily, I'm a total procrastinator, and I hadn't yet started writing my paper yet, so technically I didn't lose any work since I hadn't actually started yet. What? I still had a whole 12 hrs before it was due!

Anyway. I know nothing about computers and I'm extremely challenged when it comes to anything tech. I ended up posting to some laptop forum about my problem, and some random from Finland(?) suggested that I pick up an external hard drive enclosure so I can transfer the files on my laptop's hard drive to another one, then I can reset my laptop back to ground zero and/or trash it.

I'm totally going to trash this bitch, by the way, it's just a matter of when and how.

I just managed to get a hold of a pretty cheap enclosure yesterday, FINALLY, and I then preformed surgery on my laptop to extract the hard drive, put it in the enclosure, then plugged it into another computer to transfer my files, which took HOURS, I have so much crap. I couldn't even get it all, because some of my stuff is password protected and for some random reason (most likely that all things tech decided to band together and FUCK with me, I'm sure.) even though I changed the security level, I still couldn't get to it all. I don't get it.

So when I finally managed to finish it all, I popped my hard drive back into my laptop, not expecting too much, and turned it on. It went through all the motions as usual, took forever, but then it did something weird, removed a bunch a files and started normally!

What the fuck!?!

All I did was remove the hard drive and put it back in! That's all I had to do? That's all I had to DO?!? I didn't have a working laptop for TWO WEEKS, and that's all I had to DO!?! ARGH!

This is why my laptop has to die. He keeps screwing with me. Oh yeah, even though my comp's back on and pretty much all of my files are still here, guess which ones peaced out?

The ones that I couldn't manage to transfer successfully. Of course.

Damn you Evil Laptop. Damn you.
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Ana Nah: ryo the greenk godkamexkame on April 15th, 2011 03:01 pm (UTC)
First of all, really, sincerely, sorry for your loss.

Having experienced such losses myself, I am empathy as to the trauma you are going through.

Secondly, you make the best posts out of anybody I know about the cruelty of computers.

mattiezumimattiezumi on April 17th, 2011 04:40 am (UTC)
Thank you for the support, Angelfish! I really appreciate it, especially during such a trying time.

If I recall correctly, you too have had some past trouble with your David(?), no? Oh why must we endure such distressing hardship from those of which we've welcomed with open arms into our homes, when no one else would have them? WHHHHHHHHY?!

And unfortunately, it's not a loss. Not yet anyway. My comp's still alive and kicking, and slowly but consistently ruining my life. I've been holding back from buying one so far, partly because I'd rather use my spare cashola to finance my traveling this summer, but mostly because I'm completely overwhelmed, and in over my head when it comes to picking out a new one. But! I do have a devious plot a-stirring in my brain in regards to how to creatively... dispose of my "Lovely" when the time comes. MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Hey, guess what Evil Deranged Psycho is holding back from me now? He took the use of my power button and my speakers years ago. And now he's playing hard to get with my sound too. Headphones do nothing now. How wonderful. :(